Margot Robbie Shocked Jean Smart With A ‘Naked’ Prank She Played On A Poor Babysitter

A few years ago, Adam Pally and Ben Schwartz guest hosted The Late Late Show; madness ensued. The same thing should happen again, except this time with Margot Robbie and Jean Smart. The Babylon co-stars appeared together on Thursday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, where they discussed the debauched Damien Chazelle film and their New Year’s Eve plans. Robbie also shocked Smart with a childhood prank she pulled on her poor babysitter.

“I was a very dramatic child. I was very upset one time, my mom swapped babysitters,” she said. Robbie’s mom replaced her cool high school babysitter with an older “mean lady,” who instructed Robbie to take a bath. “We got into a bit of a fight about that,” she continued, and then I thought in my head, ‘I’ll show you.’ So I went and got ketchup, tomato sauce, and a kitchen knife, and I lay on the tiles, naked, covered in tomato sauce and ketchup. And waited until she found me.” Smart’s reaction speaks for all of us:


Robbie was a talented actress, even then. “I was committed, I stayed in character the whole time, played dead and it was so worth it,” she said. “She freaked out. I never saw her again.” Somewhere out there is a 90-something-year-old Australian woman who is haunted by the image of Giant Margot in the Barbie trailer.

You can watch The Late Late Show clip above.