Matthew McConaughey Will Take Off His Shirt and Make a TV Show

I like Matthew McConaughey. He makes crap movies for the most part, but every once on a while, he gets a role that suits him. He’s terrible in romantic comedies, but he’s a great sleazeball attorney (see last year’s Lincoln Lawyer). Now, he’s set to be a sleazeball detective.

McConaughey — along with his dope-smoking friend and fellow movie star Woody Harrelson — are lining up to make a television show together, once again blurring that line between feature films and television. The eight-part cable series, called True Detective, will follows a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. McConaughey and Harrelson have only agreed to do the first season, as the series is meant to be broken up, anthology-style, like American Horror Story. The show does not yet have a cable home. (Deadline)

Sounds cool, although if you think “The Killing” is frustrating, following a 17-year investigation could be even more maddening. Fortunately, it’s only eight episodes, and because new serialized detective shows are required to disclose as much (thanks to “The Killing”), the case will be solved by the end of the first season.

And now, as is required under Internet law whenever Matthew McConaughey is mentioned, here is Matt Damon’s fantastic impression of him.