Matthew Perry Awkwardly Reminisces About The Time He Beat Up Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is many things. Prime Minister. Feminist. Yogi. Boxer. Yet a time existed when young Trudeau ended up on the losing side of a fight with none other than future Friends star Matthew Perry. And the winner awkwardly declares himself “not proud” to claim these bragging rights while visiting Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel.

Much to the host’s amusement, Perry — who calls himself a half-Canadian — relays a tale about attending fifth grade with wee Trudeau. Not only that, but a friend recently reminded Perry how they beat up Trudeau, although the reasons for this dastardly act have faded with time. Perry imagines this was a case of “pure jealousy,” since Trudeau was a sportsy chap. At the time, Justin’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was prime minister, although his son went oddly unprotected back in the day (and Kimmel points out that this would never happen to Barron Trump, lest the perpetrator end up in Russia).

Perry insists that he isn’t boasting and fires a few self-deprecating shots at himself in the way that only Matthew Perry can do. And he theorizes that maybe his awful act was “instrumental” in the future stateman’s eventual success. Well, this could explain Trudeau’s fascination with the sport of boxing, right? My brother got his butt kicked so badly during an elementary school hockey game that he was motivated to become a star goalie, so Perry could possibly be more correct than he knows.