Matthew Perry Claims That Cameron Diaz ‘Accidentally’ Punched Him In The Face While They Were Playing An Intense Pictionary Game

Matthew Perry seems to be revealing every and all secret he has ever kept over the last 20 years in his new memoir, Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing.

The memoir focuses on Perry’s longtime battle with addiction while sprinkling in some anecdotes from Hollywood in the early aughts. First, he discusses his relationship with Julia Roberts, then he opened up about Jennifer Anniston confronting him about his addiction. He also said some questionable things about Keanu Reeves but that’s an entirely different conversation.

One of the stranger stories in Perry’s memoir includes Cameron Diaz, a wholesome party game, and an alleged hit in the face. 2007 was a strange ride! Fresh from her split from pop star Justin Timberlake in 2007 (the same year they starred together in Shrek 2, ouch) Diaz was set up with the Friends star, but it wasn’t a match made in heaven, unfortunately.

In his book (via Page Six), Perry explains that as soon as he met up with Diaz, she got “immediately stoned” and “wasn’t interested in [him] at all” while they were at a dinner party. At one point, Perry said “something witty” (according to himself) to Diaz during a game of Pictionary, when he claims she “accidentally” hit his face while aiming for his shoulder. Chandler Bing did not like that. Perry replied, “Are you f**king kidding me?” The duo’s whirlwind romance seems to have ended much differently than a Shrek-inspired happily ever after.

This is not the only time Perry mentions “violent” occurrences in his life: the actor also mentions that he beat up Justin Trudeau when they were kids, and also punched Chevy Chase in the balls. A Charlie’s Angel put him in his place!

(Via Page Six)