Max From ‘Happy Endings’ And Jean-Ralphio From ‘Parks and Rec’ Used To Do Comedy Together, And Morning Links

01.23.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

I spend entirely too much of my life on the Internet trying to find interesting but little known connections between now famous celebrities (like the fact that Kyle Chandler and Lorenzo Lamas are best friends) and last night, I stumbled upon another connection heretofore unknown to me: Adam Pally, who plays Max on Happy Endings used to be in a sketch comedy group, Hot Sauce Academy, with Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio from “Parks and Recreation”). In fact, after the links, I’ve embedded a pretty hilarious iPod parody ad they made five years ago. It’s done in silhouette, but you can TOTALLY tell who is Pally and who is Schwartz. I don’t know how interesting people actually find these connections, but it’s fascinating to me to find out that a person I love in one context is friends with a someone I love from a different context.

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