Meet Marky Mark, The Squirrel That Comes Running When His Name Is Called

Rehabilitating a wild animal without a permit is illegal in Texas, if not everywhere, so one man was obviously reluctant to show his face on TV or share his name with a KTBC Fox 7 reporter for this nutty story. But the unnamed bro still had no problem telling the story of how he helped rescue a baby squirrel from an electrical fire on the weekend of SXSW, and the strange, special bond that he has since formed with the little critter that he named Marky Mark. After the daring rescue, this hero and his friends left to check out Snoop Dogg’s performance (perhaps at the UPROXX show), and he assumed that Mama Squirrel would return to get her baby.

Alas, she did not, and John Doe did the right thing by raising the squirrel as his own. Of course, the local so-called wildlife experts would tell you (and the KTBC reporter) that this was not the right thing to do, but based on the relationship between man and squirrel in this local news report, I think that we can all agree that Marky Mark is living the dopest life possible right now. And as an added bonus, watch the reporter freak out when Marky Mark climbs all over him.