Meet The Dude From ‘Breaking Bad’ With The Insane Moustache

He had no lines in this week’s episode of Breaking Bad, but a man named Robert Sanchez provided one of the most memorable moments about an episode full of memorable moments. He’s the guy with the insane moustache. He’s the guy in the picture above. You can’t miss him; he’s the guy with facial hair that could inspire sonnets.

Who is he? How did he land the role?

Let’s turn to, which interviewed Sanchez to find out.

He was originally supposed to be a biker, but then they decided to put him in the DEA office so he would get called back more — and so he could be around Steven Michael Quezada, the actor who plays DEA agent Steven Gomez. The two know each other from playing softball against each other.

In fact, Sanchez got the part after playing golf with Quezada and Dean Norris, the actor who plays Hank Schrader on the show. He told Norris to get him a job because he didn’t have one at the time, and Norris said he would have someone call him.

And, to Sanchez’s surprise, he did receive a call. And he keeps getting calls.

“They always called me back every time the DEA was going to have a little scene there, ‘Hey Vince wants you to come in, can you come in?’ Heck yeah, I took off of work and everything.”

And when he come in, he gets his own personalized DEA badge. The name of his character? Harry Lipenstein.

It turns out that it wasn’t Harry Lipenstein’s first appearance on the show, either. It was just his most memorable. In fact, he’s been in three other scenes, including one in which he stood in an elevator behind Tio Salamanca in season four’s season finale.

Sanchez, a retired firefighter, will be taking that moustache with him to the National Beard and Mustache Championships next month. Good luck, man.

(Source: Newcastic)