Michael Che Sure Liked to Bust The Balls Of Former ‘SNL’ Cast Member Brooks Wheelan On Instagram

I was looking at Michael Che’s Instagram account this weekend because Che is my favorite thing about Saturday Night Live these days, aside from Cecily Strong, and I began to notice something take shape: Michael Che used to give former SNL featured player, Brooks Wheelan, an incredible amount of sh*t. At first I thought: Wow! Che is kind of being a dick to Wheelan.

However, the more incidences of it that I saw, the more I realized that these two guys must have been really good friends. After all, he would bust a guy’s balls that much if he wasn’t a good friend?

Then I started to feel sad because Brooks Wheelan got fired, and Michael Che probably lost a good friend on staff (Che was a writer there last season, before moving on to The Daily Show and then “Weekend Update”), and I bet they’d have made a good team.

So, here’s looking forward to an awesome Michael Che/Brooks Wheelan buddy cop movie in our futures. In the meantime, check out the incredibly amount of grief Che used to give Wheelan on Instagram.

this f**kin guy @brookswheelan pierced his own ear today hahaha!

these are @brookswheelan sneakers. he wore these to work unironically. this is white privilege. #SNL

@brookswheelan idea of a selfie with me

look. at. brooks. FACE.

@brookswheelan is a creep.

look how long brooks wheelans headphones cord is! hahahahaha

that time me and @brookswheelan recognized each other

Source: Instagram

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