Pilot Watch: Which Of These 7 Shows Currently In Development Would You Watch?

In this week’s installment of pilot watch — where we track several television shows currently in development and ask which is the most intriguing — we have two comedies in development over on HBO, a sitcom from Michael Ian Black, and another sitcom from Greg Daniels. Based only on the information given, which would you be most inclined to watch, should the show be picked up to series?

Tennis ComedyParks and Recreation’s showrunner, Greg Daniels, is developing for Fox this untitled single-camera comedy about “Richie, a mediocre professional tennis player who returns to his college town — the scene of his greatness — in order to reboot his life. There, he’s caught between a lifestyle he never got to live — embodied by his carefree, bar owning younger brother Tom — and Kristen, the love of his life whom he’ll have to grow up for in order to get.”

You’re Not Doing It Right — Written and starring Michael Ian Black, the Ben Stiller produced comedy being developed for ABC is “based on Black’s book and set ‘in the wilds of Connecticut.’ The show is described as a comedy about modern marriage and parenting and takes a hard look at what happens when you wake up, look around, and don’t recognize the life you are living as your own.”

How the F am I Normal — Inspired by Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood, How the F am I Normal comes from the creators of Breaking In and is being described as a dysfunctional Wonder Years set in the 1980s. It’s being set up at ABC with a pilot commitment, which will be directed by Seth Gordon (The King of Kong).

Untitled Gay Comedy — Set up at HBO, the project comes from producers David Marshall Grant (Brothers and Sisters) and Sarah Condon (Bored to Death). It “revolves around the thirtysomething trio also grappling with the complexities of life and the modern gay experience.”

Z — Set up at the USA Network, Z is a contemporary re-telling of Zorro. “Set in modern-day Los Angeles, “Z” will chronicle the rise of Diego Moreno from an orphaned teen and raising his sister with little supervision, to an infamous hero fighting to save the city.” It comes from Naren Shankar (CSI) and Louis Leterrier (lots of bad movies).

People in New Jersey — Set up over on HBO, this half hour comedy comes from producer Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air) and Lorne Michaels. The vague summary describes is “as a hilarious, poignant look at life today as seen through the prism of an adult brother and sister living in New Jersey. They each struggle to get through the day, asking themselves the big questions, the little questions, and everything in between.”

Linda Green — The Fox one-hour dramedy is an adaptation of the British show being adapted by Alex Borstein (Family Guy). It’s about a woman and “her thirtysomething friends as they navigate love, marriage and life in Boston. Linda and her pals aren’t good people—but they’re trying to be better.”