Mila Kunis Takes Nervous BBC Radio Personality By The Hand And Gives Him The Interview Of His Life

03.05.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

Last we checked in with the lovely Mila Kunis she was reminding us that here native language sounds a lot like Angry Klingon. Now she’s back promoting Oz the Great and Powerful across the pond, but more importantly continuing her quest to be undeniably awesome in all situations.

Now, I don’t know much (read: anything) about BBC Radio 1, “The Scott Mills Show,” or interviewer Chris Stark, but my friend Wikipedia tells me Stark has made a personality for himself thanks to endearing obtuseness, which is evident from the second the below video starts rolling. So while the interview was arranged under the pretense of talking Oz, it instead goes on a Jager bomb/Lad bomb (Kunis: “That sounds like the worst drink EVER”) tangent, that then leads to a hypothetical all day affair involving going for chicken and then a futbol match while Mila wears a hideously yellow Watford F.C. jersey to cheer on a team without many fans. Oh, and Blue Moons all around.

So yeah, watch at least the first four minutes. After that it’s just Chris asking Mila on multiple wedding dates, Mila talking Baywatch, etc. Moral of the story: Mila Kunis is still the best.

Via Gawker

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