Minstrels Perform ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song, Blow The Elastic Out Of Your Socks

One of the things that I seriously appreciate about shows like Community, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation and Game of Thrones is how much fan art they inspire. It’s like the underground version of merchandising: People created truly amazing things out of their passion for certain television shows, whether it be the Parks and Recreation characters depicted as Justice League Superheroes, Louis C.K. crochet, a Monopoly board game based on Breaking Bad called Methopoly!, an art show based on Community or even Adam Warrock’s AMAZING Downton Abbey rap. Bryan Cranston even admitted as much, tweeting along with an AWESOME Breaking Bad/Family Guy mash-up: One of the most amazing things about Breaking Bad is the wake of inspired artists that the show has created.

This joins those as one of my very favorite pieces of television show inspired art: A mash-up of street musicians renditions of the Game of Thrones theme. First of all, how cool is it that minstrels are even playing the theme song to an geek-friendly HBO drama (I would throw $5 in every one of these guitar/cello cases), and second of all, it’s amazing that there are so many takes on the theme, and they all sound so fantastic blended together. A mariachi version, y’all! You simply have to check this out.

If street musicians aren’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer autotune. If so, this autotune rendition of the entire Game of Thrones cast singing “The Queen and the King and Joffrey Hound” will kick you in the britches.

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