Molly Shannon Dusted Off Sally O’Malley So She Could Become The Jonas Brothers’ New Choreographer On ‘SNL’

When SNL alumni return for hosting duties, they tend to dust off some old favorites. Molly Shannon did plenty of that on Saturday. The Emmy-winning performer — who can be seen in the Florence Pugh drama A Good Person and just published the memoir Hello, Molly! — threw in a nod to Mary Katherine Gallagher, her uptight Catholic school girl who just wants to dance, in her opening monologue. Later she resurrected her bad stand-up Jeannie Darcy. But perhaps the biggest one was when she broke out another dancing character, Sally O’Malley.

Debuted in 1999, Sally is a salty, spry, and perpetually 50-year-old energy bomb, clad in a red jump-suit with a towering bouffant ‘do. She’s a symbol of eternal youth in an ever-aging body. The musical guest that night were the Jonas Brothers, who were game to team up with Shannon for the episode’s big promo, and again when Sally O’Malley made her triumphant return.

The sketch finds Sally being recruited by the trio to be their new choreographer. Their exiting choreographers are nonplussed about it, doubting that the Jonases would want an older vibe. But they’re wrong: Kevin, Joe, and Nick are already wearing their own red jump-suits and are ready to do some high kicks.

You can watch the sketch in the video above.