The Jonas Brothers Sniff Their Armpits Molly Shannon-Style In A Hilarious New ‘SNL’ Promo

Stage fright happens to even the most veteran entertainers… yes, even The Jonas Brothers. Although the singing family made their musical debut in 2005, that doesn’t make them immune to nerves. The “Wings” singers are prepping for their big one-night-only show at Yankee Stadium in August, and what better way to promote than by making their return to SNL this weekend?

In part of the hilarious promo trailer, Kevin, Joe, and Nick join host Molly Shannon and cast member Ego Nwodim to tease just what viewers should expect. But instead of the trio belting about a beautiful tune, Shannon teaches them a rather odd performance nerve hack, the armpit trick (a nod to the 1999 film Superstar in which she starred alongside Will Ferrell).

To subdue her anxiety before performing live, Shannon confessed, “Sometimes when I get nervous, I stick my fingers under my arms, and I smell them like that.” Despite just how bizarre the reveal was, the Jonas Brothers and Ego Nwodim join in, and just like that, the group claims to be cursed. Well, at least Nwodim does.

The Jonas Brothers are rightfully so confused about what strange group activity just took place while cameras were recording them.

Watch the promo clip above.