‘More Wine, Your Grace?’: A Necessary And Comprehensive ‘Game Of Thrones’ Drinking Supercut

What did we learn from this impressively comprehensive Game of Thrones wine-drinking supercut? Well, a couple things. First of all, we learned that I will apparently watch an entire 7+ minute video of television characters from a popular television show taking sips of wine, which was kind of a surprise, to be perfectly honest.

But second, and more importantly, we learned that the Lannisters drink a hell of a lot of wine. I mean, I suppose we already knew that in the broadest terms, because Tyrion and Cersei do very little on the show that doesn’t involve an ornate booze-filled chalice in one hand or the other. But this video gives us hard data, counting up every instance of drinking from the show’s first four seasons and keeping a running tally for each house. The results, fittingly enough, are a complete bloodbath, with the Lannisters checking with 103 drinks, more than six times as many as the Starks and Baratheons (your silver and bronze winners, respectively). It’s like they say on the show, “A Lannister always, uh, something something… [hiccups, pass out in castle].” Wise words.

Anything to add in closing, milady?

Yup, sounds about right.

Source: r/gameofthrones