Some Major Questions We Have Coming Into ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3

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Mr. Robot continues to intrigue and frustrate viewers with the many mysteries it’s hiding inside every plotline. Season 2 kept up the trend of raising more questions than it answered, to the degree now where we’re desperately hoping season 3 (debuting October 11th at 10PM on USA Network) helps us make sense of what we’ve seen thus far.

Our own Alan Sepinwall has a spoiler-free review of what you can expect, and we’ve also got a handy season 1 and 2 refresher that lets you know where the most important characters are as things kick off. But right now let’s talk about some of the biggest questions that need answers for Mr. Robot season 3.

What is the Dark Army’s true purpose?

On its surface, the Dark Army’s goal seems to be the financial destruction of the United States. They nearly achieved this, wiping out America’s debt at the end of season 1 and then making sure the country wouldn’t be getting back off its knees at the end of the last season with Stage 2. But in the last moments of the season, E Corp CEO Phillip Price gets an agreement out of Chinese Minister Zhang (whose alter ego Whiterose leads the Dark Army) for a loan to E Corp worth $2 trillion with zero interest.

Price uses that money to set up E Coin, a runaround of the American dollar that effectively puts E Corp in control of the US economy. But why did Zhang agree to this if stops the Dark Army from achieving their goal? The only answer must be that there’s a bigger objective on the horizon. The cratering of the economy is just the setup to whatever the Dark Army really wants to achieve. Was letting E Corp take control of US currency part of the plan, or a strategic allowance in pursuit of the ultimate end game?

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