A ‘Mr. Robot’ Shop In NYC Wants You To Hack Its ATM To Score Cash

06.11.16 3 years ago

USA Network

USA Network’s Mr. Robot kind of came from out-of-nowhere and was able to take the television world by storm with its first season. The second season of Mr. Robot is slated for a July 13th return date and lots of people are excited to see what the show brings to the table in the new season to keep everything feeling fresh. In fact, Mr. Robot was able to take what is one of America’s most-watched networks and make it feel cool again, which seemed like a long shot.

In the latest bit of promotional work heading into the final stretch to promote the upcoming season, it looks like Mr. Robot once again takes things to the underground with a takeover of the New York-based store, Story. According to The Verge, Story is a concept store in New York that completely overhauls its appearance, theme and what it sells every few months. The latest change is themed after the USA Network’s Mr. Robot, selling tech gadgets while also giving you a chance to test your hacking skills to earn some real money.

The store, built to look and feel like fsociety’s carnival grounds hang out, features an ATM bearing the Evil Corp. logo that requires a four-digit code. The clues to the four-digit code are scattered throughout the store, allowing for customers to follow the clues to piece together the right code and “hack” the ATM to have it dispense $50 in cash. Pretty cool, right? I’m not sure how Elliot would feel about this level of corporate marketing synergy, but hey, it’s just a television show.

(Via The Verge)

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