Crack Jokes On Bad Movies With Your ‘MST3K’ LEGO Set Beside You

There’s something about cheesy movies that simply requires commentary. That concept was explored by the cult favorite television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 starting back in 1990 which to this day endures thanks to fans of the series. Sure, there was a bit of a fracture among the fan base; one erring on the side of the “classic” with Joel, the other towards the man that took over the show in Mike. Both have launched their own movie-roasting enterprises that can seemingly co-exist just fine in Joel’s Cinematic Titanic and Mike’s Rifftrax. None of that seems to matter in the face of the successful Kickstarter that Joel ran, though, right? It’s all just one big, movie-roasting family.

Riding on the tail of MST3K‘s somewhat revival, MSTies have decided that they want more. How much more? They want LEGOs, dammit. MentalFloss caught wind of this awesome LEGO Ideas proposal for an MST3K set and it’s starting to build some momentum. For those unaware of how the LEGO world works at the moment, LEGO Ideas is a site where brick-maniacs can propose ideas for limited-run sets. LEGO has a lot of hardcore fans who like to build custom sets and this is a way for them to be creative and have LEGO reward that creativity. It’s something that I wish was around when I was younger and would toil for hours building cool, new LEGO sets to amuse myself, only to send in photos to the official LEGO magazine and get a kindly-worded letter in return that they can’t post photos of my Star Wars LEGO sets without a license. Curse you, LEGO.

Will the MST3K set get the nod? That’s kinda up to you and if you want to go, pledge your support and get this pushed through. The set doesn’t look to discriminate, either, including both Mike and Joel, proving that we all can get exactly what we want. Of course, the bots are there, because what would MST3K be without the robot roll call?

Cambot. Gypsy. Tom Servo. Crooooooow! Really, this seems like the best way to enjoy cheesy movies from the comfort of your own home; with a LEGO set commemorating why we love to joke on bad movies.

(Via MentalFloss)

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