The ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Reboot Is Heading To Netflix

Finally, after a highly-successful Kickstarter, a hilarious reunion and months of wondering just what the hell was happening with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot, we’ve got movie sign. Netflix, the savior of lost cult programming, has stepped up to be the home of the new MST3K starring Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day. Their names must be put in that order, so they rhyme.

But where’s the release date, Netflix? Oh, in the not-too-distant future? Har har, Netflix. Har har. MST3K fans have been waiting for months, years, decades to see the Satellite of Love back in operation, and it looks like they’ll have to wait a little longer to find out when it’ll be back in orbit.

Not all is lost — at the MST3K panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, plenty of information was released. Joining the new cast will be series vets Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), Bill Corbett (the Sci-Fi channel’s Crow) and the hilarious Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester). This is great news, considering Joel’s feelings on refreshing the cast. If you ask me, no one can play Tom Servo other than Kevin Murphy. That voice is absolutely golden, and if anyone tried to sing like Tom, it would be a damn shame… Wait. A cameo?

Hmmm. There’s also still no word on former lead writer and test subject Mike Nelson re-joining the cast.

(Via The Wrap)