Watch Adam Savage Take On ‘DOOM’ In This Preview Of The ‘MythBusters’ Video Game Special

From crashing one plane into another in order to steal it, to a plumber using a tiny dinosaur as transport, video games are rife with questionable scenarios. Maybe that’s why the MythBusters will finally tackle video game myths in Saturday’s episode.

In this special episode dedicated to the hobby near and dear to our hearts, we’re excited that id Software’s own Tim Willits will be helping Adam and Jamie dig into an often-discussed topic of FPS games: Is it really possible for someone to carry all those health packs, guns, and even a chainsaw? Using the DOOM universe and DOOM 3 BFG Edition for reference, Tim helps the team recreate a DOOM level in real life. (Via Discovery)

If the teaser above is any indication, it looks like Adam is going to get the crap scared out of him for science! But it also begs a fairly important thematic question: Is this a “video game special,” or a “DOOM special”? What about the Comic Con questions regarding Assassin’s Creed‘s use of history and physics that publicly spurred the topic? Or whether or not Mario’s bulky form could sit on Yoshi’s back without spraining it?

One thing’s for sure — Mythbusters will spend more time recreating the first-person look and feel of the DOOM series than the measly four minute-scene from the 2005 film. Time to test your chainsawing-monsters-in-half skills, Mr. Savage.

(Via Discovery and Laughing Squid)