One TV Channel Aired 13 Shows With Literally Zero Viewers In February

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03.11.13 21 Comments

With hundreds of channels for John Q. Fatass and Jane McChipotle, IV to enjoy, it’s inevitable that some shows will go unwatched. I don’t mean unwatched in the way only three million people see Community every week, at least according to the Nielsens — I mean literally unwatched, as in there are more episodes of Emily’s Reasons Why Not than viewers of All Around Performance Horse, one of 13 shows on RFD that had no viewers last month. What’s RFD? Well, it’s a magazine for rural gay men, according to Wikipedia (he’s a good guy, we hang out at the bus station together on Tuesday nights), but also a TV channel that “nourish[es] the country lifestyle.”

Much of the programming of RFD-TV is concerned with the culture of farming and agriculture, as well as the culture of the Great Plains of North America and the agriculture associated with that area. The network does not air infomercials, instead supplementing its advertising revenue with the sales of a company magazine and other merchandise. The network also restricts its advertising and programming to products, advertisements, and shows fit to be seen by a family audience; products such as erectile dysfunction medications and male enhancement products are not shown on RFD-TV. (Via)

BuzzFeed’s Kate Arthur recently “took a random week (Feb. 25-March 3) and delved into what sorts of shows — and cable channels — are members of the Zero Club.” RFD had 13 of them.

What does WPRA [in WPRA Today] stand for, you ask? Why, it’s the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. I am now obsessed with it…But RFD may want to reconsider their programming mix, because there were 12 other RFD shows that also got zero viewers: FFA Today (Feb. 27, 4 a.m.), Ken McNabb (Feb. 28, 6 a.m.), All Around Performance Horse (Feb. 27, 6 a.m.), Presleys’ Country Jubilee (Feb. 28, 3:30 a.m.), Dennis Reis (Feb. 27, 6:30 a.m.), Julie Goodnight (March 1, 6:30 a.m.), Voices of Agriculture (Feb. 27, 4:30 a.m.), US Dressage (Feb. 27, 3:30 a.m.), Little Britches Rodeo (Feb. 27, 3 a.m.), Ren’s Old Time Music (Feb. 25 and 26, 5:30 a.m.), Chris Cox (Feb. 26, 6 a.m.), and Campfire Café (Feb. 25, 3:30 a.m.). (Via)

The promotional stills are fantastic, too. Here’s Julie Goodnight, who I’m pretty sure was in Twilight.

TLC is so pissed they didn’t think of Little Britches Rodeo first.

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