Nathan Fielder Explains To David Letterman Why Border Security Thinks He’s A Female

07.17.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

Nathan Fielder from Nathan for You appeared on Letterman last night and shared a fun little story about border patrol. See, Nathan’s Canadian and he works in America, so he’s always whipping out his identification at the border to go back and forth. The problem is, for reasons no one understands, he — Nathan Fielder — is listed as a female on his green card. Does this lead to awkward interactions with border security? Well, yes. But given everything we know about Nathan Fielder, he probably loves that, or did it on purpose for an as-yet-undetermined prank somewhere down the line. There’s no way we can rule that out.

He also ran into a problem I imagine he runs into a lot (and one fans of the show can relate to), which is that explaining Nathan for You to someone who hasn’t seen it either makes you sound insane or makes the show sound awful. “It’s … he goes to businesses and gives them ideas, but they’re bad ideas … not ‘bad’ bad, ‘funny’ bad … and then they do the ideas, and sometimes people get mad, but he’s real serious … it’s very awkward … one time he almost showed a bunch of children his penis, and … look, just watch it, okay?”

Been there.

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