Nathan Fielder’s Latest Hilarious Text Message Prank Just Ended Hundreds Of Relationships

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05.29.13 56 Comments

When last we checked in with UPROXX favorite Nathan Fielder, he was getting his show renewed for a second season and oh yeah asking his Twitter followers to prank their parents by texting, “Experiment: text your parents ‘got 2 grams for $40′ then right after ‘Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you’ Then tweet pic of their response.” The results were fantastic (I will never not enjoy an adult calling their child a “huge turd”), as are the responses to today’s stunt, which might be better than the drug one. A few hours ago, Fielder tweeted, “Experiment: text the person ur dating “I haven’t been fully honest with you” then dont reply to them for 1 hr (& tweet pic of thr response).”

The results are vicious.

Nathan Fielder, ending relationships since…whatever today’s date is.

(Via Nathan Fielder)

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