Nathan Fillion Is Building His Team For The Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone is concerned about the coming zombie apocalypse, even Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Nathan Fillion talked about his weekly The Walking Dead viewing party and how he might be picking his guests based on a specific set of skills.

I’m very into zombie apocalypse preparedness, and I think if it were to go down, knowing who your friends are that you can count to who has the skills – ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were a registered nurse! I didn’t know that, that’s very in.’ I have everyone over, and we watch The Walking Dead together, and now we can discuss. We can talk about things. ‘What would you do in that situation?’

I have two questions. First, where can I apply to join Nathan Fillion’s zombie preparedness team? I have many marketable skills for surviving a zombie apocalypse including decent marksmanship and experience with a handgun. Plus, I can tie a wide variety of knots and cook a decent meal over a camp fire with limited resources. Say the word, and I will brush up my resume.

Second, has Nathan Fillion invited any of his Firefly co-stars? If zombies take over the world, I want Summer Glau and Gina Torres on my team, and Alan Tudyk can be the comic relief, keeping things light as the world goes to hell.

As for Adam Baldwin, every team needs a ranger. He really loves his guns, and he could probably manage to be self-sufficient. He can come back to regroup and replenish supplies every couple days, or week, or months. It also might help if he doesn’t share his political beliefs with the rest of the team, or he could not talk at all.

Source: YouTube