Nathan ‘For You’ Fielder Asks Twitter Followers To Play Hilarious Drug Dealing Prank On Their Parents

We’re big fans of comedian Nathan Fielder ’round these parts. His Comedy Central show, Nathan for You, earned the coveted UPROXX FOUR-STAR STAMP OF APPROVAL (note: said stamp doesn’t actually exist, but if it did, the stars would be made of corgi heads), and he was great on Bob’s Burgers and Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Fielder also has a must-follow Twitter account, and yesterday, he came up with his best idea yet: “Experiment: text your parents ‘got 2 grams for $40’ then right after ‘Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you’ Then tweet pic of their response.”

The results were WTF YOU’RE GOING TO REHAB F*CK YOU BRIAN, I mean, wonderful.

Gotta love that Mama Bear.

(Via Twitter)