NBC Finds New Way to Suck, Puts Kibosh on 'Inspector Spacetime' Web Series

Oh, COME ON. Jesus, NBC, are you so miserable that you have to bring everyone and everything down with you? Just because you suck so bad doesn’t mean you have to go spreading your pus-filled suck infection to everyone else. Why would you want to stop production of a “Inspector Spacetime” web series that could only serve to provide more exposure to “Community”? THIS IS WHY YOU’RE THE LAST PLACE NETWORK.

The scoop: An enterprising gentleman with an impeccable sense of humor, Travis Richey, started a kickstarter page to make enough money to produce a few episodes of “Inspector Spacetime,” the “Doctor Who” parody spun off from NBC’s “Community.” This week, Richey received a cease and desist letter. Richey responded, as such:

Lawyers from Sony and NBC have contacted me demanding that I cease production on an Inspector Spacetime web series.

Though I firmly believe the law would be on my side in producing this parody, I have no wish or ability to fight a show that I love as much as “Community.” I had hoped that they would embrace what is essentially a fan film and appreciate the value it adds to the character, and the audience that we would bring who are finding “Community” for the first time through this character, but alas, that’s not the case. So, I will be removing all references to Inspector Spacetime from this series (it only happened in the title anyway), and altering the appearance of the Inspector so that he does not look like Inspector Spacetime. What remains is 100% the creation of myself, my writing partner, and you, the fans.

You are the worst, NBC. Really. Is there even a profit motive for trying to kill “Inspector Spacetime”? It’s not like NBC is going to make their own “Spacetime” web series, and if they did, it’d just get cancelled.

The good news, at least, is that the series is continuing on as “Untitled Webseries About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.”

(Source: Io9)