NBC Renews 'Smash' After a Record 7th Viewer Feigns a Passing Interest

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03.23.12 11 Comments

Less than a week after renewing “Grimm” which had kind of OK ratings for a Friday I guess, NBC has gotten into the rhythm of things and renewed its second drama in as many weeks. Watch out, CBS! Only 16 more renewals, and NBC will start to narrow the renewal gap.

So, “Smash”? If you’re into that sort of thing — Broadway-style musicals about Marilyn Monroe with lots of singing and dream sequences, a nattering plot and mediocre characters– then it’s not bad for what it is. The woman from “American Idol” is nice to look at, and it’s good to see Angelica Huston get some work. I watched a few episodes before I got tired of fast-forwarding through the song numbers, but then my thumb gave out and I quit.

The ratings are solid by NBC standards — it averages around 7.7 million viewers — but compared to actual networks, it’s not doing particularly well, even with the benefit of “The Voice” as lead-in. But, this is NBC we’re talking about, a network that kept “Chuck” on for five seasons because Subway offered to cater the network Christmas parties. It’s not like they have much choice: They can’t exactly bring back “The Event.” So, “Smash” will be back for an unspecified number of episodes next season. I’m sure there’s a 14-year-old girl in Lincoln, Nebraska who is thrilled.

(Source: THR)

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