Netflix Brings In a New Shark to Jump the Shark that's Already in Midair

So, take this with a grain of salt, stick that grain in your eye, and rub it around, but it appears that Netflix is considering reviving CBS’s “Jericho,” a low-rated series that’s been off the air since 2008. Somewhere underneath a pile of meth rocks, Skeet Ulrich’s ears are burning. Keep in mind, too, that this comes on the same day that a reboot of Van Helsing starring Tom Cruise was announced. End times can’t come fast enough.

Anyway, the story is that “Jericho” for some reason, has been very popular on Netflix, and Netflix wants to do for “Jericho” what it’s doing for “Arrested Development.” Of course, the problem is, JERICHO IS NOT ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. If Netflix wanted to give the “Arrested Development” treatment to a show that might actually be worth it, they should look at “Party Down.” Or “Better off Ted.”

Keep in mind that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is paid $9.3 million a year to come up with these great ideas. But I would caution, however, that it’s well known in industry circles that Netflix basically floats these ideas to an outfit like Deadline or, in this case, TV Guide, just to see how the Internet will react and then adjust accordingly. This is not going to be well received, so I suspect that the “Jericho” revival will never move past the meeting stage.