Here’s How To Use Netflix’s Highly-Customizable Parental Controls


Netflix has rolled out a highly-customizable parental control page which will keep kids from seeing The Stanford Prison Experiment or binging Black Mirror, and it’s actually quite easy to use.

To begin filtering the content your young ones (or annoying roommate) can access, you go into your profile settings, then to Parental Controls, and you can get set up from there. You’ll be prompted to create a pin, and you’re on your way.


After creating a pin, you can move the slider up and down along the MPAA’s guidelines. All the way up will allow all content to be accessed, setting the protection level at a certain rating will require the user to enter the pin if they want to see an R movie if they’re only cleared for PG-13.


If you want to simply limit your household’s Narcos viewing habits, you can head to the Restrict Specific Titles section and take care of it there.

In addition to these new, easy to use changes, Netflix will be providing the show or movie’s rating once it begins playing, so there will be no question as to the restriction level once you begin watching. If you do click on a restricted show, per your instructions, you will be prompted to enter your pin, which will allow you to view without any issues. It’s pretty simple, and will keep the kids on Puss in Book and not Spring Breakers.

(Via Lifehacker)