Netflix Reportedly Wants To Unleash Around 20 Scripted Series A Year On To Subscribers

Shutterstock / Netflix

Are you a fan of the successful new series on Netflix and Amazon Prime? Well hopefully you’ve got time to fit them all in because a whole lot more of them are coming down the pipe. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos appeared with Mitchell Hurwitz and Vince Gilligan to throw a few details out about Netflix’s future in original programming. The big picture? A lot more choice is coming. From Variety:

The goal is to serve “really diverse tastes all around the world,” Sarandos said during a Q&A with “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz and “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan, held as part of the NATPE confab.

Netflix is focused on having a broad menu of original shows that target different niches.

“We really are not trying to define the brand by any one show,” he said.

20 scripted series a year is a lot to digest. That doesn’t mean they’ll all be good or must watch affairs, but it does add a lot to the plate of the already stuffed television fan’s lineup. Mad Men and Breaking Bad will be gone, but there’s no shortage of great television out there.

Some would have to be worried about Netflix flooding the market a bit. Sure, it’s a great outlet for creators to showcase work that has been shunned by the networks. But was it shunned for a reason? Is it actually worth an entire season run?

I like Amazon’s pilot program because it does put the power in the viewer’s hands. Netflix could do the same and reach a lot more with their platform, and It’d also play into the use of “choice” during the Q&A. Who knows if that’ll ever happen. What is happening is more shows to rot your brain with or at least add to your queue without watching. So yay to that.

(Via Variety)