Netflix Is Changing Its Subtitles In A Big Way, Literally

Among streaming services, Netflix has some of the best subtitles and closed captions. The font is pleasing and the text is mostly (but not always) accurate. And now there’s even more customization options for hard-of-hearing and visually-impaired subscribers, as well as everyone who needs to take a screenshot of something Tim Robinson said on I Think You Should Leave.

Netflix is giving subscribers the ability to pick from small, medium, and large sizes for its subtitles and closed captions, as well as “four styles/colors, which include the default white text option, drop shadow (white text with black background), light (black text with white background), and contrast (yellow text with black background),” according to Tech Crunch.

Netflix members were previously only able to access these subtitle and closed caption sizing and style options via the web. So it’s a welcome update for TV users, especially since streaming on large screens like connected TVs, smart TVs and gaming consoles represented 77 percent of globally streamed minutes in the first quarter of 2022.

Netflix provided an example of what the customization looks like:

netflix subtitles

Wow, it’s like Jenna Ortega is yelling right at you!

Now you have even fewer reasons to not watch with the captions on. You can find out how to your customize your profile here.

(Via Tech Crunch)