This New Extremely Illegal App Feature Could Change The Way You Watch TV

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03.06.14 12 Comments

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Oh boy, TVShow Time sounds great!

French startup TVShow Time just added a major new feature for its social platform for TV show enthusiasts. Not only can you keep track of your progress in your favorite TV shows, you can now play new episodes directly from the website as well, without having to leave the site.

In other words, you can watch pretty much any show, from True Detective to How I Met Your Mother, using the TVShow Time app on your phone. How? Oh boy, a TVShow Time feature sounds illegal!

But to do that, first you have to sign up for This service makes the magic happen behind the scenes — and it’s not all legal. The Istanbul-based team built a service to fetch BitTorrent files using’s server, with accounts starting at $9.99 a month…TVShow Time doesn’t handle this part of the process. On the website, all you have to do is link your account and provide an RSS feed. After that, the service will scan your “to watch” list and automatically add episodes to your account. You can then stream them directly on TVShow Time.

It functions as a sort-of DVR for torrents, which is great news for lazy cord-cutters who still want to watch Homeland. But as Tech Crunch notes, the app’s co-creator “doesn’t count on this feature in the long run.” He is, however, working on “additional third-party integrations with other services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes Store, and StreamNation,” which isn’t exactly Game of Thrones, but it’s something?

Via Tech Crunch

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