Nick Offerman’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Appearance Was One Big Summer Reading/Pot Smoking PSA

Above you’ll find a wonderful skit from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring every man’s spirit guide Nick Offerman recapping high school summer reading in three sentences or less in what should be a segment for Ron Swanson-hosted installments of “Pawnee Today.” Nick isn’t great at spoiler alerts so if you’re worried about having a classic novel spoiled for screw you you should have read these books by now anyway.

That was just the tip of the iceberg on a late night visit that turned into one big PSA for the kids. In the actual sit down Nick speaks ever so briefly about his new movie (the Aniston GIF-tastic) Meet the Millers before delving into his first experiences smoking pot and how the drug did not exactly enhance his performance abilities.

Moral of the story: Just don’t ALWAYS smoke pot. Here’s part two where we find out more about head injuries before getting around to a clip from the movie.

Nick Offerman should never stop talking. The end.