Nikki Finke Is Randomly Calling People Out On Twitter For Not Being As Smart As She Thinks She Is

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05.15.14 18 Comments

Some of you may be familiar with terrible woman Nikki Finke. She started, before being ousted from She has a long history of being a horrible woman. She’s threatened to destroy Bret Easton Ellis, she threatened people over her Twitter parody account, had her account temporarily suspended, and wrote the worst thing about the Emmys. She’s the worst. And now that she’s in Twitter exile, thanks to a non-compete, she’s been forced to limit her awfulness to 140 characters. But that hasn’t stopped her from calling out others she deems inferior to her.

I’m not entirely sure what prompted it — maybe she’s feeling left out because she’s not allowed to post on her website during Cannes and the Upfronts — but this morning, she just started randomly calling out people who dared to express an opinion about an entertainment story.

Take, for instance, Anthony Robinson — a nice guy and a former Survivor contestant — who dared to suggest that the CW’s iZombie series might not be terrible.

It wasn’t just Anthony Robinson, though. NoLiberals — a Tea Party Member – also got a talking to from Nikki Finke for questioning her intelligence about The Flash.

Then she just got fed up with people in general who DARED to try and do her job, which is basically to form opinions about useless casting minutiae.

And then, she took a completely UNCALLED FOR shot at Cougar Town.

Oh, f*ck off, lady. I think this guy from The Thick Of It said it best about Nikki Finke:

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