Norm Macdonald Is Campaigning To Become The Host Of ‘The Late Late Show’

Late night TV has been full of speculation recently with David Letterman retiring, Jimmy Fallon starting on The Tonight Show and, most recently, Craig Ferguson stepping down at The Late Late Show. There have been a lot of names thrown around for the job, including a highly reluctant Joel McHale, but it seems that a dark horse is pretty high on Twitter’s list of replacements: Norm Macdonald. From Splitsider:

What happened is a Norm Macdonald fan started the Twitter hashtag #latelatenormnorm yesterday, and ever since, Macdonald has been retweeting every single tweet with the hashtag in a pretty blatant attempt to express interest in the job and build momentum, or maybe he’s just goofing around.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Macdonald says he has “no idea” if him getting the job is a possibility, explaining, “I haven’t been approached by CBS. I assumed they already have someone. I know Les Moonves, really cool guy.” A CBS exec insisted yesterday that the network is nowhere near making a decision about The Late Late Show’s new host yet.

While I would love to see Norm Macdonald host The Late Late Show, I don’t see how his brand of comedy would be a fit for the folks at CBS. Craig Ferguson has certainly tried to break the mold of the late night host a bit, but that is an easier pill to swallow than Macdonald’s aloofness.

Of course, Macdonald has his Weekend Update chops to lean on and that worked for Fallon and Seth Meyers at NBC. He also has his podcast experience and that one time he did a sports show for Comedy Central, although I’m still not sure it actually existed.

The people are behind Norm Macdonald though and he could be that semi-conservative voice that would help Rush Limbaugh sleep a little easier on his bed made of infant skulls. It just might not sit well with all of the folks hoping for a female host.

(Via Splitsider)