Norman Reedus From ‘The Walking Dead’ Explains Why He Enjoys Licking People All The Time

Norman Reedus is just a guy who seems to enjoy having a good time when he’s not on camera for The Walking Dead. He’s just a fun loving dude who loves his fans, loves his mom, and loves licking people all over the place. He admits as much during this interview with Conan.

The licking started as just a thing between Reedus and his cast members, but soon it spread to the outside world. It grew so much that it spawned its own Urban Dictionary entry (which isn’t really a feat, but it does denote some form of cultural impact):

(verb): to lick someone’s face. Created because of actor Norman Reedus’s penchant for licking people’s faces.
“He’s so fine I just want to reedus him.”

“He reedused me and it was so hot.”

A very excited fan was begging to get #reedused during the show, wearing a shirt asking for it and everything, but it never happened. Instead, Reedus took a moment to shoot his mother the devil horns and wish her a happy birthday. And the hearts the commenced to melting, almost rivaling the tears that will run when he’s finally killed off on the show.

(Via Team Coco)