Norman Reedus Is Mourning The ‘Best TV Buddy Ever’ After ‘Dog’ From ‘The Walking Dead’ Passed Away

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has been gearing up for a second season, which is subtitled The Book Of Carol because during the zombie apocalypse, good friends go to France when they believe their platonic soulmate is in trouble. Daryl isn’t still in trouble, but Carol doesn’t know that, and although it will be lovely to see them back together again, Daryl’s real best friend didn’t have a trip to France in the cards.

That would be Dog (portrayed by Seven the dog), who was so beloved by Daryl and the audience that he received his own backstory and remained a fixture in the series for several seasons. We also know that Dog survived The Walking Dead finale, so hopefully, he was enjoying a nice belly rub from Judith every day after Daryl left.

As much as the audience would have loved some “Dog” scenes at the Nest or, you know, in front of the Lourve, it would have been horrible to watch Dog suffer atop a capsized rowboat with Daryl as he floated to France. So it made sense that he wasn’t seen in Daryl’s spin off, but he was sorely missed:


Sad news arrived on Thursday when The Walking Dead‘s X/Twitter account announced, “Rest in peace, Seven. #TWD’s best boy.”

Norman Reedus also took to his Instagram story and later made an Instagram post to mourn the “best TV buddy ever.”

Dead City got in on the sadness, too: “Rest in peace Seven. You will forever be in our hearts. Dog. The best damn tv pal of all time”

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will return on September 29 with a dog-shaped void in Daryl’s heart.