Of Course ESPN's Chris Broussard Said Something Dumb About Jason Collins. Of Course.

Of course. Here’s what ESPN the Magazine senior writer Broussard said about homosexuality in 2009:

I’m a born-again, Bible-believing Christian (no, I’m not a member of the Religious Right). And I’m against homosexuality (I believe it’s a sin) and same-sex marriage.

“LET’S PUT HIM ON THE TEEVEE,” said the Head Troll in Charge at ESPN earlier today, soon after the Jason Collins news broke, “but not until we’re done fellating Tim Tebow…but not like in a gay way or anything.”

In that same story linked to above, Broussard also wrote:

I’ve played in several rec leagues with LZ Granderson, who is an openly gay writer at ESPN The Magazine. I consider LZ a friend. I’ve gone out to lunch with him, talked music, sports, politics and lots of other things with him. I greet him with a handshake and a hug, just like I greet lots of other guys…

Anyway, when we play in our rec league games, I give him high fives and hugs. Same with one of his friends who is on the team and also gay. When we’re on the court trying to get a win — or in the office talking about a story, for that matter — his sexuality is not an issue.

Granted, I don’t shower with LZ after games like NBA teammates do, and I’ll admit that if I had to, it might be a little uncomfortable at first. (Via)

Ah yes, the “I know A GAY, so…” argument. Someone didn’t read With Leather’s article. Anyway, LZ was on Outside the Lines, too, and after Broussard finished spouting nonsense about the sanctity of marriage, he said, “I would love to not have premarital sex, but in this country, I’m not allowed to get married.” Burn.

Never forget

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