Oh Hell Yes! The First Look at 'The Walking Dead's' Michonne

I’m not one of the smug book readers of “The Walking Dead,” so the image above — from the most previous season finale — was the first time I’d ever sen Michonne. It was also the first real jolt of energy I got from the series since the first season. I didn’t know who she was or what she was about, but goddamnit, she had a katana and was leading two armless zombies by chains. That’s all I needed to know to make her my favorite “Walking Dead” character yet. According to Robert Kirkman, she won’t be too different from her character in the comic book.

“The essence of the character — her personality, her motives, everything that makes Michonne Michonne — remains intact from the comics,” says Robert Kirkman (the creator of the comic and executive producer of the TV adaptation). “But like a lot of things on the show, there will be little tweaks and differences here and there. We saw that her introduction is slightly different from how it was in the comic, and her interaction with Andrea is really going to be a really cool addition to the character that I think will get television viewers up to speed, and they’ll get to know her a lot faster than comic book readers did.”

This is what the character — played by the relatively unknown Danai Gurira — will look like without the hood.

Pretty cool, although I don’t know why you’d really want to remove the hood at all. The mystery is a huge part of her appeal, it seems to be. Also, the armless zombies chained to her. As fashion accessories go, you can hardly beat that. She is Boss.