Old ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Returned To Say Goodbye And F*ck You To Departing Host John Oliver

After a three-month vacation spent simultaneously filming Big Daddy 2: Big Momma’s House 5 and The Faculty: You Got Furlonged, Jon Stewart will return to host The Daily Show on September 3rd. His replacement, John Oliver, the that kid from Big Daddy‘s body double to Stewart’s that kid from Big Daddy, if you will, has been more than just some schlub who kept the boss’ spinny seat warm — he’s been great, providing The Daily Show without Jon Stewart with some of its best moments in recent memory, all while keeping ratings steady.

Unless, of course, you’re Samantha Bee, Jessica Williams, and two returning Daily Show correspondents, who describe Oliver’s reign of bloody terror as worse than Paula Deen, the Titanic, and Detroit combined. Oliver will get the last laugh, though, when Stewart returns from vacation with only one box of taffy for the entire cast and crew.