Own a Piece of the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon’s ‘Guts’

In the hyper-specific genre of “athletic-based Nickelodeon game shows from the early 1990s,” I know I would have done the worst at “GUTS.” The Temple Run on “Legends of the Hidden Temple” would have been my bitch, unlike this idiot, and I would have destroyed the wizards or elves or whatever on “Nick Arcade.” But could I have scaled the Aggro Crag from “GUTS,” hitting every lighted target on my way up without committing a violation?

Nope. And yet I want to win this auction from eBay, if only because I’ve always wanted a trophy with “Orlando, Florida” inscribed on it (via Buzzfeed):

This is an extremely RARE Aggro Crag Trophy from the Legendary, Hit Nickelodeon Show “GUTS”. I won this in 1993 on episode 209c. It lights up! This is a RARE opportunity to own a piece of historic pop culture. There has been a few replicas listed in the past years, but keep in mind this is the real deal only 126 episodes were made so there are only 126 of these in the world.

The current bid is for $1,499.00, and it comes with Free Shipping. Throw in “GUTS” host Mike O’Malley, whose loud enthusiasm is matched only by the guy who does “Manswers” voice-overs, and Annette Chavez from “Wild and Crazy Kids,” and you’ve got yourself a deal, Episode 209c Winner.