Parents Naming Their Kids After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Is Officially Out Of Control

The Office for National Statistics named the most popular baby names in the United Kingdom for 2013 today, and like in the United States, a lot of parents are naming their children after characters from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series, dooming them to a grisly death right from birth.

There were 187 baby girls named Arya last year…There were also 50 Khaleesis, the same amount as were named Peggy. There were seven boys called Bran and three Sandors, the same amount of boys that were given the name Malcolm last year. (Via)

This is unacceptable. As if Theon wasn’t bad enough (even Anna Kendrick doesn’t want to hear that name), now there are three innocent children out there named after a chicken-stealing goon. At this rate, once the fan-favorites are picked through, desperate parents will have to resort to second-string characters with impossible names like Reznak mo Reznak, Skahaz mo Kandaq, or Sam (*shudder*). This trend needs to stop now, before there’s an uptick of Joffreys graduating high school in 2033 followed by an equally dramatic wine-poisoning epidemic in 2034. Name your child something pure, something like Walter. That surely has no evil connotation.

Walter and Skyler White from Breaking Bad have had a rising effect on names since the TV series aired in 2008. Last year, 72 baby girls were called Skyler, while 58 boys were named Walter, in a nod to the overwhelming popular show. (Via)

Never let a Walter go on a play date with a Theon. Nothing good can come of it.

Via Mirror