Paris Hilton Seems Less Than Thrilled About A ‘South Park’ Creator’s Reaction To How She Felt About Being Mocked

South Park duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made plenty of headlines lately for their enduring quest to re-boot Casa Bonita near Denver, Colorado. However, their long-running animated satire continues to fire away at targets. And although it does so in an equal-opportunity way (no one is immune, including all nooks and crannies of the British Royal Family), one target from the past has taken particular offense and is now airing those concerns. That would be Paris Hilton, whose new memoir (aptly titled Paris: The Memoir) is a bit of a Festivus. She’s airing grievances, in other words, including about how Pink parodied her sex tape in the “Stupid Girls” video.

Also, Paris has some beef with South Park. Actually, she seems equally upset about creator Matt Stone’s reaction to her own reaction, but we’ll get there in a moment. This goes back to a Season 8 episode, “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset,” and Paris described how she’s been in some “edgy media” on her own accord, but she had no idea why South Park would kill her dog. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Paris wrote of the scene involving her dog, “The thought of that made me sick. I’ve been involved in some pretty edgy media, but I don’t even know where something like that comes from.” From there, Paris revisited how she pretended not to have seen the episode when quizzed on the red carpet. She had “mumbled something about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery,” and then this happened:

“When a journalist told Matt about my muted red-carpet response, he said, ‘That shows how f”cked up she is,'” Hilton recalls. ‘My not wanting to watch his cartoon about my dog being shot and me coughing up ejaculate — that’s evidence of how f*cked up I am.”

The episode actually had Tinkerbell take a gun to its own head out of sheer misery, and yeah, it is not pleasant to see on TV. Let’s just say that the moment is a wee bit more shocking than a normal South Park episode. You can watch it on YouTube. Poor Tinkerbell.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)