Casa Bonita Fans Are Organizing A Massive Camp-Out Event Ahead Of The Grand Reopening As A Sure Sign Emerges

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have nearly achieved their post-childhood dream of reopening South Park with actual “good food” (courtesy of Chef Dana “Loca” Rodriguez) beyond the famed sopapillas. The pair already set May 2023 as their reopening month (Mother’s Day might slap), which will be nearly two years after the pair purchased the vacant structure that quickly proved to be a money-pit. They could have abandoned ship with that realization but persisted, since “eatertainment” must live.

In the meantime, the pair has kept existing Casa Bonita employees on the payroll before posting an ad to hire about 550 more, and this will truly be an event with witnessing.

In that spirit, a Casa Bonita enthusiast is rallying fellow fans to camp outside the famed pink building, and it sounds like he will be accompanied by over a thousand of his soon-to-be-closest friends. Jesse Vogel launched a Facebook event (“The Great Wait in Line Event to eat the first night at Casa Bonita opening night!”), and very quickly, over 10,000 people expressed interest with 900 fans supposedly committing to attend. On Facebook, Vogel wrote, “This is far better than sleeping outside of BestBuy for a TV. This is sleeping outside for a once in a lifetime historic event!” He also spoke to the Colorado Gazette about gaining the blessing of neighboring businesses:

“Most of the managers were really happy and excited about this happening. They were honestly very interested to hear of the mission plan for The Great Wait in Line Event to eat the first night at Casa Bonita opening night! and fully supportive.”

The time will soon be coming. As this local ABC affiliate video reveals, the venue’s iconic fountain is now operational again and stocked with water. Let the sopapillas flow and the cliff divers be merry.

(Via Colorado Gazette & 9 News)