Patton Oswalt And Other Stars Launched A Campaign To #SaveAPBio After NBC Cancelled It


Not many children would actually want to get more of a school subject, but those children apparently haven’t watched AP Bio. But as word spread that AP Bio would not return for a third season, many involved with the NBC show hoped to create momentum online to revive it.

The show, which starred Glenn Howerton as a disgraced Harvard philosophy professor who takes a job as an AP Biology teacher in Toledo, Ohio. After two seasons on air Max O’Brien, the show’s creator, tweeted about NBC’s decision to end the show on Friday night.

But in this world full of impermanence, there’s always a chance that a TV show can get revived if the news of it getting cancelled made enough waves online. That’s clearly what Patton Oswalt, who also starred on the show, was hoping for. All Memorial Day weekend, Oswalt implored fans of the show to be vocal about their disappointment that the show would not see a third season.

Howerton joined in as well.

Significant momentum for the movement grew on Saturday, as other big stars joined the wave of support on Twitter.

Oswalt, among others, asked fans to binge watch AP Bio, which is streaming on Hulu, to give the show’s numbers a boost and draw attention to the surge of support it’s gotten in recent days.

The show’s fate remains highly uncertain, but a significant campaign to save it is usually enough to give these kind of decisions at least a second look. And shows like Brooklyn 99 have, in recent years, found new life after an online groundswell of support once the show was seemingly taken off the air. Whether AP Bio gets the 99 treatment is unclear as of yet, but