Patton Oswalt And David Harbour Are Basically Adult Versions Of These Two ‘Stranger Things’ Characters

07.22.19 1 month ago


Of the various young pairings in Stranger Things (El and Mike, Lucas and Max, Will and the Mind Flayer…), obviously, Dustin and Steve is the greatest of all time. The bond between the two characters only strengthened in season three once Steve began working at Scoops Ahoy and became Dustin’s accomplice to both getting into movies for free and thwarting the Russians.

But perhaps there’s a reason for the natural chemistry of the two unlikely pals, as evidenced by the real-life friendship of Patton Oswalt and Chief Jim Hopper himself, David Harbour — a lovable nerd and a dad-bodded hunky leading man, respectively. Over the weekend, Twitter user Trevor White (a.k.a. @JustARealDummy) pointed out the similarities between a young Oswalt and Harbour to Dustin and Steve.

“[David Harbour and Patton Oswalt’s] friendship makes so much sense when you realize they are grown-up Steve and Dustin,” he wrote, accompanied by the following throwbacks.

It didn’t take long for Oswalt to notice the tweet, who shared it with the caption: “Oh my God. OH MY GOD. You see this [David Harbour]?”

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