Patton Oswalt Explains The Motivation Behind His Controversial Deleted Tweet Experiment To Craig Ferguson

Hours after embarking on his polarizing deleted tweets experiment, Patton Oswalt dropped by The Late Late Show to aimlessly chat with Craig Ferguson, and of course Twitter (aka “The Tweety”) came up almost instantly. Patton goes on to explain in detail how he spent days in his basement precisely crafting the “social media experiment” to 100% ensure it would spawn simultaneous praise and outrage and thousands of think pieces explaining to people looking for explanations how they should feel about the whole thing.

Just kidding. He got bored during his time off doing voiceover work and on a whim thought it would be funny. With that bit of knowledge I would recommend you read this or this because they’re now extra comical, but I honestly can’t in good conscious ask any of you waste the time required.

As someone who actually spent all of thirty seconds yesterday attempting to be open-minded and see if I could identify at all with THE OUTRAGE only to fail miserably, this makes me very happy.