Patton Oswalt Is Joining Vince Gilligan’s ‘Battle Creek’ In The Perfect Guest Role

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08.29.14 2 Comments

If you read the stories on Battle Creek’s cast over at Entertainment Weekly or The AV Club, you’d think that Vince Gilligan is out of his mind. “He’s pulling out kooky names, it’s on CBS, what is going on here?” All inevitable chatter in the post-Breaking Bad world we live in.

I look back though and Walter White sounds like something out of a Stan Lee comic, Jesse Pinkman sounds like a playground creep, and Saul Goodman is a telegraphed scumbag. Then all three turned out to be great. I feel the same way for Patton Oswalt’s character in Battle Creek. From Entertainment Weekly:

Patton Oswalt joins stars Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters as the unorthodox mayor of Battle Creek, Mich., in the freshman season’s sixth episode, “Cereal Killer,” EW has learned exclusively. The character’s full name? Mayor Scooter Hardy. There really was no other casting choice.

How can you think anything is wrong with a guy named Scooter? If the former President of the United States can be buddies with a Scooter, I think he’s in good company. What else does Vince Gilligan have for us?

[Josh] Duhamel stars as Milton Chamberlain, a handsome, charismatic FBI agent with unlimited resources, who opens a field office at the underfunded police station in Battle Creek and chooses a gruff local detective, Russ Agnew (Winters), to be his partner. (via)

OK, look I throw that out there and I see the issue. Josh Duhamel is wobbly ground. If he’s starring in a show on CBS, Vince Gilligan’s involvement loses luster. But then I read the name “Mayor Scooter Hardy” again and I’m back in.

I can only hope that this is a continuation of Oswalt’s wannabe mayor from Reno 911!: Miami. I’ll accept that or some sort of other sleazy grease ball with a less than savory past. Possibly with a collection of high powered weaponry.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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