Looking Back At The Many, Many Times Patton Oswalt Has Won The Internet

To say that Patton Oswalt is the hero that the internet both needs and deserves right now would be an understatement. From his his perfectly poignant response to the Boston Marathon bombing to his glorious geek filibuster from Parks & Rec to even his turn as The Penguin in the latest Batman parody, it’s like the man’s singular purpose on this planet is to provide comforting awesomeness during troubling times.

But that’s not to say Patton Oswalt hasn’t been winning the internet for years now. He has, of course. You don’t get to be the two-time Webby Awards host otherwise. So let’s take a look back, shall we? Many thanks to Burnsy for his incomparable input.

Here’s a sampling of the Twitter brilliance.

He’s starred in several with our stepbrothers and stepsisters at 5SF/UPROXX Video. “Crabwalkin'” and “You’ve Got Mail” belong in the pantheon of YouTube videos under six seconds long.

Maron’s interview with the complimentary airline pretzels turned into some heavy sh*t.

Jason Reitman-directed moviegoer PSAs starring Patton Oswalt are the best PSAs.

There’s nothing the internet loves more than TIL-ing that their favorite comedian appeared in their favorite shows and they didn’t realize it.

As built by a Mythbuster. That’s just good parenting, folks.

Giving awards to the internet and making mockumentaries exploring the internet’s first “first”? Yes, that will do it.

In just a single season Patton has graced us with some of the finest GIFs the show has ever seen. Including — but not limited to — Constable Bob firing an automatic weapon. Beef stew! Drewbacca!

I’ve been assured there are GIFs if you look hard enough, but for now let’s settle for this tremendous segment with Chelsea Handler where Patton discusses the experience. Fast forwarded for your viewing ease, but I recommend starting at the beginning if you’re into anal massage comedy.