Patton Oswalt’s Worst Bombing Story Involves A Heckler And A Whole Lot Of Snot

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Patton Oswalt appeared to promote his book about his addiction to movies, Silver Screen Fiend. During the course of the interview, he discussed his relatively newfound appreciation for bad movies (or, at least, for the work that goes into them), and acknowledged that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is the movie that helped him break that addiction, after he realized how absurd it was that he spent weeks complaining about the film after it was released (like a heckler yelling at a comedian who wasn’t even in the room).

Speaking of hecklers, Oswalt also told the story behind the worst he ever bombed on stage. It involved the stomach flu, Dayquil, a heckler yelling “Fa**ot” at him, and his eliminating all the snot from his body while on stage. It’s a good story, as is the one he tells earlier in the clip about losing a girlfriend because of his addiction to film.