Paul Rudd Brought Back Late-Night’s Greatest Recurring Bit For One Final Time On ‘Conan’

Some of Conan O’Brien’s favorite guests are scheduled to appear on Conan during his final week as the host of the late-night show (this week!), including Dana Carvey on Wednesday and Jack Black on Thursday for the finale. One name notably left off the list was Paul Rudd, who has provided some of the biggest laughs in Conan history — all with a clip of an alien’s bug-eyed reaction to a boy in a wheelchair careening off a cliff.

There was hope that he was the “TBA” guest on Tuesday, but Rudd actually showed up during Monday’s episode, interrupting Conan’s interview with Bill Hader. The Barry legend was telling a story about an SNL sketch gone wrong (it involved Ed Burns, funny voices, and grilling meat) for an episode that Rudd hosted when, out of the blue, there was Rudd himself in his finest tuxedo to defend himself. “How dare you,” he told Hader, saying the reason that he didn’t want to do a sketch that his Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star wrote was “because it was terrible.” And Rudd has the footage to prove it.

“In fact, this is true, Lorne said in his history with the show, it was the worst received sketch of all-time. We did it at dress and it didn’t get not one laugh,” Rudd said. “Thankfully, they do actually film the dress rehearsal, if you would like to see the sketch.” I think you can guess what happens next.

Watch the clip above. Then have a McDonald’s dance party.